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My vote at work...

Sharing this journey with my State Representative Maureen Madden was crucial in gaining the information and support needed to propel forward with confidence.  Ms. Madden took the time to place touring our new group home on her busy schedule, connected me with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the community, and spare-headed our program priority of securing the beds!  I literally cannot thank Maureen Madden and her team enough for their part in making the dream New Way Youth Services a reality. 

Here’s what we’ve been working on...

Designated spaces for counseling, direct care staff, study, and recreation; An environment that is welcoming and feels like home; Connecting with community resources to develop our clients and help them and grow.

A Team of Believers

I'm blessed to have the support of some of the brightest minds and agents of positive social change in PA.  From left to right Erin Derosa, Kristine Wright, Nancy Brown, Nidicka Frederick, Kristine Bush, and Tyler Day. 

It Takes a Villiage

Greatness is never formed in isolation. We understand that for New Way Youth Services to become all that it is intended to be, we will need the help and cooperation of our community members. We are grateful for the outpouring of support and service from our community members and want to say 'Thank You' from the bottom of our hearts!

Our Generous Community Partners

Justin (from Lobar Incorporate)- you were a literal Godsend! - I cannot thank you enough for donating all four bunk beds and mattresses! The beds may have come from ESU but the work you put into helping us to secure our donation will never be forgotten! The rooms are as beautiful as they are comfortable thanks to your generous support!

Thank you Linda Egli for your extremely generous monetary donation! No only is your donation the largest donation New Way Youth Services has received to date but miraculously it pails in comparison to the generosity of your heart. Your faith, support, friendship and guidance is invaluable. Your donation will help us purchase supplies but I'm most grateful for your presence in my life which will help me scale mountains! Thank you.

Shoprite Stroudsburg- Thank you for your generous 25.00 gift card! Your donation provided our program with its first round of health and hygiene products! 

Walmart in Mt. Pocono- Thank you for your gift of a 100.00 gift card! You helped bring warmth and comfort to a special space for very special girls.

Walmart Stroudsburg- Your kindness and support in making our bulk purchases affordable is deeply appreciated. Our rooms would not shine as bright without you!

Weis (Bartonsville)- Thank you for your generous 20.00 gift card. 

Weis (Stroudsburg)- Thank you for your generous 20.00 donation! Your gift card purchased laundry detergent (Tide was on sale so double thanks!)

Giant- Thank you for joyfully giving us a 25.00 gift card. It is certain to go a long way with your weekly specials!

BJ's- Thank you for sharing two 25.00 gift cards with us. We intend to patron and buy in bulk!

To Miss Veronica- Thank you for your generous cash donation of 20.00 to contribute to the purchase of curtains in the girl's rooms! Much like you, they are absolutely beautiful. 

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