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Striving for  EXCELLENCE

and achieving it!

New Way Youth Services received the status of Full Compliance for our November 2019 inspection. 

New Way Youth Services is currently in full compliance status. This means we are adhering 100% to the Pennsylvania 3800 standard in child welfare placement. It is our goal to continue to learn , develop, and grow into an agency that not only meets high standards but also sets new standards in quality of care.

We know the need and choose to care...

We understand that children in placement are in a precarious position. First, a child is removed from situations of imminent danger, then they are processed into a protective system of care. It is not uncommon for a youth in placement to undergo social worker investigations, police questioning, medical examinations and court appointments as part of their placement process. These children who are oftentimes in traumatic and/or unsafe conditions in their natural home setting are now thrust into a new setting in which trust has not been established. We understand that a youth in placement will be experiencing one or a combination of these feelings: separation from parents and siblings, separation from friendships and family members, unanswered questions, a new school, a new home and new "rules" which they may never have experienced in their previous home life. Add to this uncertainty about their future, mental health stressors and potential exposure to influences such as drugs and alcohol as coping devices and one can easily understand why children run away from these systems of help.  Our approach to placement address both the systemic process and the hearts of the youths being placed. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to create residential group homes which are resident-centered, community-based, success-driven and Spirit-led; A place where love is key. 

Our Vision

WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER and know that our visions are extensive and require the help of our community members, exceptional leaders, above reproach staff and the cooperation of our consumer base to come to full fruition. 

  • We envision the reduction and eventual eradication of youth homelessness.
  • We envision reductions of sex trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), conduct disorders, truancy and school drop out rates, substance abuse, teen-aged pregnancies and mental health issues amongst all female youths. 
  • It is our vision to successfully redirect the negative steps of youths who were victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuses and transform them into strong, confident young women of purpose

Our Plan

Our plan is simple-create a New Way of approaching historical social problems, specifically, those affecting female youths. New Way Youth Services is a fully comprehensive residential group home which offers a safe, home environment, counseling services, case management, educational and youth empowerment services and an opportunity to develop spiritually.

At New Way Youth Services, we address the primary issue of homeless prevention first and then offer a host of supportive services that are transformative to any life circumstance.  

We believe that an agency is only as good as its staff so we take state compliances, training and program development very seriously.  We offer complete transparency and hire 

professionals with a proven track record of success.

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